About Us

We're a Pittsburgh-based duo blending technology and digital art - a virtual atelier to express all our geekiness. By taking our passion for Art, combined with our Work experience and all the mess we do in our Deck every weekend, Art Work Deck was created to share our love for technology and creativity!

This project, founded by Diogo Strube and Henry Braun, represents our love for Computer Science. We're fascinated by everything in the software engineering arsenal, from real-time rendering and computer vision, to human computer interfaces and generative AI.


The Art Work Deck story goes way back! Diogo and Henry met in college around 2006 and clicked instantly during a crazy internship at Microsoft. Back then, it was virtual agents and 3D graphics instead of digital art, but the geek spark was already there. Metal concerts, raves...then life got serious, with immigration to the US in 2010. But through jobs, wives, and kids, the friendship never skipped a beat. Now, every weekend's a family barbecue and extra fun with a wild tech project. This is what happens when long-time friends get hooked on the creative power of coding!

The Store

Our tech obsession isn’t cheap...so we thought fellow geeks might want to help us fuel the fire! From AWS to Adobe and from Gemini to ChatGPT, our curiosity and the desire to hands-on experiment with every amazing technology has a high cost in licensing fees and dedicated hardware. Hopefully the Store allows fellow geeks of the World Wide Web to find something cool and support us.