We're a Pittsburgh-based duo blending technology and digital art - a virtual atelier to express all our geekiness.

By taking our passion for Art, combined with our Work experience and all the mess we do in our Deck every weekend, Art Work Deck was created to share our love for technology and creativity!

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Clothes, Canvas and More

Our tech obsession isn’t cheap...so we thought fellow geeks might want to help us fuel the fire! From AWS to Adobe and from Gemini to ChatGPT, our curiosity and the desire to hands-on experiment with every amazing technology has a high cost in licensing fees and dedicated hardware. Hopefully the Store allows fellow geeks of the World Wide Web to find something cool and support us.

Or prefer Etsy? Find our custom t-shirts there!

Latest Creations

animals, geometric, modern, vivid, light

Light Geometric Animals

This style is a modern interpretation of animals in vibrant and multicolored geometric patterns. Each animal is rendered with intricate triangular and polygonal shapes that blend various colors, giving the illustrations a dynamic, almost 3D visual effect. The lines are sharp and clearly defined, adding a textured depth to each figure. This style highlights the vivid colors and the play of light and shadow.

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monsters, rpg, dnd, watercolor, vivid, light

Light Watercolor Monsters

This style is as a blend of watercolor and ink techniques, creating a vivid and expressive portrayal of fantastical creatures. The artwork combines fluid, splashy backgrounds with sharp, detailed figures, highlighted by the use of contrasting colors that make the subjects stand out dramatically. Each creature is enveloped by a whirl of colors that suggest movement and energy.

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